Deaf Youth Against Violence Everywhere:

A Teen Girl's Story: Rape Culture Nurtured at Home

By DeafHope

Privileges by Awti

Teen Dating Violence


No Bullying!

By DeafHope


Choice Challenges:

Community Accountability by DeafHope

When someone shares with you that they are being abused, what you can do..



Domestic Violence/Sexual Assaults:

What is Domestic Violence? by DeafHope

Statistic for Sexual Abuse by North Carolina School for the Deaf

Rape/Sexual Assault by VeraHouse

Consent Sex by DeafHope

Victim Blaming (her/his fault) by ADWAS



Columbus City attorney Zach Klein
Introduction to Stalking

Protection Order:


What is the Protection Order

by Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence

What you do if you are pull over by a police? by DWAVE


Power Wheel:

Draw by: Rossana Reis


A short movie to discuss about Power Wheel

by DeafHope